Thursday, December 20, 2012

Science on a Sphere: Bringing the World to Wilson

"Education is not the filling of a pail, but the lighting of a fire." -William Butler Yates

Contribute now through our page!

Help us "Bring the World to Wilson!"  We have an opportunity to install an exciting new permanent exhibit called Science On a Sphere if we can raise matching funds for a grant we received in the amount of $100,000!  Science On a Sphere is an amazing educational tool - to learn more about it's capabilities visit the Science On a Sphere Website.

It's simple! When you donate $100 or more you get your name, family name, or business name on Science On a Sphere before every show.  You also get at least one T-shirt to let everyone know you helped "Bring the World to Wilson."  Larger donations will get more space on the sphere, more T-shirts, and other great opportunities - like sponsoring an entire grade level to come see the Sphere!

Sponsorship details, including sample graphics 
of the spaces on the sphere, are here in this document.

The children of eastern NC deserve the chance to have inspirational moments that inspire them to be and do something greater than they imagined was possible.  Our job as a museum is to provide those moments.  Moments when a spark lights inside their head and they make connections they've never made before and see things in a way they've never seen them before.  Science on a Sphere will provide those opportunities and more.

We also hope to pay down a portion of our capital debt that was incurred after a fire destroyed much of our facility so we can invest in the future for the students of our community.

and help us change the future for the
 children and students of our community